The Houston Ethereum Meetup: The Spring Series

Karen Scarbrough
2 min readJan 31, 2020


Summary: The Houston Ethereum Meetup is launching a Spring series that covers Ethereum 101 all the way through decentralized finance — 9 weeks of topics from insurance, to lending, to new markets, come out & join us! Check out the schedule below and at our Meetup page.

May 1st 2014. The inaugural meeting of the Houston Ethereum Meetup. Seven attendees, and a discussion around an idea that had only been formally released in a white paper in November 2013. Fast forward to 2020, and the Ethereum Meetup has seen the boom and bust of pricing, heard from several start ups, covered in-depth developer topics, and enjoyed several beers.

At the height of the pricing frenzy, we saw over 100 people come out to discuss. Now, our regular attendance sees only a handful, and while we, the regular few, enjoy discussing the latest releases and Ethereum events, we live in a city of over six million people, and we would love to introduce more people from different backgrounds to Ethereum ecosystem.

“Many people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” Bill Gates

Ethereum has not seen a full decade yet, so here is the Houston Ethereum Meetup’s value proposition…

We want to ensure Houston does not underestimate what Ethereum will do within its first decade.

And we would like to accomplish that through launching a brand new series this year entitled Ethereum as a New Financial System.

We are not talking about specific tokens as an investment or how to mine for profit — we are talking about how Ethereum, and more widely, blockchain in general, is rewriting the structure of our financial systems.

How will loan rates be managed ?

How will savings be managed ?

How will custody of assets be managed ?

All of these questions can be more broadly answered with the term decentralized finance (or DeFi), in which the management of financial variables is abstracted away from central parties to be managed by code and community governance.

However, to get us to an understanding of decentralized finance (or DeFi), we are going to start at the beginning and launch into a series of topics to build a complete understanding for anyone starting with an interest from square one.

Below is the list of topics and related dates in this series. Join us on Meet Up site for times and locations in Houston. If you would like to join our Discord channel or have any questions, please email and be sure to follow our Twitter account @houstonethereum.

DeFi Series Meetup Schedule

Come with your interests and questions. We look forward to seeing everyone out at the events!



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